Our Personal Care Managers

Rudah Valencia
Personal Care Manager - Quality Care Homes

Rudah Valencia has, for several years, worked with geriatric as well as physically and mentally challenged persons in Canadian residential care settings. Prior to that, she had worked as a hospital chaplain and a registered nurse in the Philippines. She believes in a holistic approach to residential care with emphasis on quality of living, dignity, empathy, partnership, and stewardship. She brings a systems and process-oriented style to developing competence and excellence in caregiving, and a love for music and recreational activities to residential living.

Supporters and friends are encouraged to contact Ruddah personally and discuss all personal care issues with her.


Our Pharmacists’ Support:

Joe Frketic
1-527 Nelson Road
Saskatoon, SK S7S 1P4

PHONE: 306-665-1000
FAX: 306-665-1011

Quality Care Homes house pharmacy is Willowgrove Pharmacy. Quality care finds that their packaging and delivery system allows the residents to receive medication in the safest, most cost effective manner possible.

Willowgrove Pharmacy offers a new packaging system that is superior in every way:

  • It saves time for the care staff
  • It reduces the chances of potential medication errors and therefore, provides the highest level of patient safety
  • There is no extra cost for this packaging Residents will pay the least amount possible for their prescription medication
  • All available options for coverage of prescrition medications through Saskatchewan Health are explored
  • Willowgrove pharmacy is available for after hour services
  • Willowgrove Pharmacy also offers a wide range of home health care items that include:
    • walkers,
    • canes,
    • special pillows,
    • cushions,
    • braces,
    • supports,
    • compression stockings,
    • magnifying and reading glasses,
    • easy grippers for eating utensils and pencils.
These items may be purchased at special discounts for residents of Quality Care Homes.

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